Board & Sub-Comittees




  • President/National Affairs: Roger Massie
  • Administration/Public Officer: Geoff Long 
  • Finance: Bronagh Campbell
  • Coaching & High Performance: Peter Hope
  • Para and CALD & Assnt Admin: Dave Carpenter
  • Technical: Ian Weller
  • Female Participation: Christa Foulis
  • Media & Marketing:: Lydia Gyde 
  • Tournaments: Ken Mason 
  • Development: Ruth Clark


(Please note the first name mentioned is the sub-committee convenor.)

  • Selections and Ranking:  Ian Weller, Ken Mason, Peter Hope, Michael Colbourn, David Wilson
  • Rules & Governance: Fred Turner, David Wilson, Jamie Bayly-Stark
  • Coaching Activities: Peter Hope, Ian Weller. Graeme Foulis, Christa Foulis
  • Umpires:  Ian Weller, Andrew Lockwood
  • Veterans: Lyn Wearing
  • National Events Liaison:  Roger Massie, Geoff Long, Andrew Lockwood  (Note: the purpose of this Committee is to assist TTA as needed for National Championships etc to be held in Tasmania and is not the organizing body for such events.)
  • Tournament Guidelines:  Andrew Lockwood, Stephen McKay, Stuart McDougall
  • Para and CALD Activities: Dave Carpenter
  • Female Participation: Christa Foulis 
  • Media & Marketing: Lydia Gyde
  • Grants & Sponsorship: Roger Massie, Dave Carpenter    


  • MPIO Officer (North West Region): Gerard Walsh (PSTTC)
  • MPIO Officer (Northern Region): Andrew Lockwood ( NTTTA & DelTTL)
  • MPIO Officers (Southern Region): Roger Massie (NSTTL), Kelvin Michael ( STTTA)
  • WWVP Registrar: Geoff Long
  • Facebook Admininistration: Roger Massie, Ian Cuthbertson, and others.
  • Website Support & Membership Database Manager:  Ian Cuthbertson  

  • TTT Rep on TTA New Membership Model Review: Graeme Foulis

  • Member of MGMS (My Gender My Strength) group: Christa Foulis
  • TTT Reps on monthly TTA/State/Territory Meetings: Geoff Long, Dave Carpenter
  • TTT Rep on monthly TTA/CEO Meetings: Roger Massie
  • Coaching Course Presenters: Roger Massie (TOPS, Level 1 ), Dave Carpenter (TOPS, Level 1 ), Peter Hope (TOPS)